CA7 民宿. 農村好風光

七天 台北‧ 十分放天燈‧ 好客三星農場體驗‧ 原住民文化‧ 日月潭‧ 阿里山
7 Days Taipei‧ Shihfen‧ Sky Lantern‧ Haoke Sanshing Farm Experience‧ Aboriginal Culture‧ Sun Moon Lake‧ Alishan

CA7  台北‧ 十分放天燈‧ 好客三星農場體驗‧ 原住民文化‧ 日月潭‧ 阿里山

星期四 出發 Departure: Every Thursday 

Day 1 桃園機場→ 酒店  Taoyuan Airport→ Hotel 

Hotel: 3* 台北華麗 ‧ 萬事達西門 Taipei Ferrary ‧ Wonstar XimenⅡ     Meal: ( X/ X/ X)


Day 2 台北/ 中正紀念堂/ 十分-放天燈/ 宜蘭/ 幾米公園/ 丟丟噹飛天火車/ 羅東林業文化園區
Taipei/ National CKS Memorial Hall/ Shihfen-Release Sky Lantern/ Yilan/ Jimmy Park/ Diudiudang Forest/ Luodong Forestry Culture Garden

Hotel: 3.5* 宜蘭好客三星民宿. 若輕人文Yilan Haoke Sanshing‧Riverside     Meal: (B/ L/ D )

中正紀念堂: 整個建築充分顯示中國特色之美,氣勢雄偉,公園內名花異卉,小橋流水,景觀壯麗。




羅東林業文化園區:台灣的三大林場太平山、阿里山與八仙山,其中以太平山的產量最大,初期以人力伐木、集材、運材,經由蘭陽溪水流運送到宜蘭員山,後因清水湖水力發電廠的興建,無法管流運材,乃在 1924 年完成森林鐵路,山區則改以蒸氣集材、軌道及索道運材。

National CKS Memorial Hall: This memorial hall was built in memory of Chiang Kai-shek, the first president of the Republic of China. The memorial hall is white with a blue roof, representing the dominant colors in the ROC flag. A bronze statue of Chiang looks west symbolically to the Presidential Office Building and mainland China.

Shihfen Old Street: It does boast the unique attribute of serving as the only old street in Taiwan,which trains pass through on a daily basis. As they happily enjoy gourmet snacking, visitors can enjoy the sight of trains passing along the unfenced railway gates.

Jimmy Park: Jimmy Square is first theme square in Taiwan, Art from the well-known "Jimmy", Picture book "Turn Left, Trun Right" and "Starry Starry night" scene in the square to reproduce the original.

Diudiudang: Du Du Done Park is opposite to Yilan Train Station. This is a special cycads forest, the park is composed of ballads and trees. It’s a modern concept forest park.

Luodong Forestry Culture Garden: Here is a combination of forest resources and recreation, education, culture.


Day 3 宜蘭/ 希望田園-農場體驗.原住民文化/ 雪山隧道/ 天祿藝術中心/ 苗栗/ 銅鑼客家文化館/ 台中/ 高美濕地
Yilan/ Friendly Garden- Farm Experience. Aboriginal Culture/ Hsueshan Tunnel/ Handicraft Center/ Miaoli/ Hakka Museum/ Taichung/ Kaomei Wetland

Hotel: 3.5* 台中香富. 西悠 Taichung Golden Pacific ‧ CU     Meal: ( B/ L/ D )

希望田園: 專業人士接待解說春夏秋冬四季多元的有機農業成長文化,親身體驗農夫下鄉種田,溫室耕作栽培等,品嘗無毒耕種的農村餐食及原住民特色飲食及體驗宜蘭在地原住民族的生活文化及文創藝術。


高美濕地: 高美野生動物保護區是臺灣西海岸一處生態保護區,位於臺中市清水區西側,包括大甲溪出海口,綜合淡水注水與潮汐交替所構成的海岸溼地。

Friendly Garden: We can know farmer how to work if we to do ourselves. There is no better way to understand the culture by experiencing it!

Hakka Museum: Called “Age of Discovery,” the 15th and 16th centuries saw a wave of global migration. At the time, mainland China was in political chaos and economic unrest, and therefore Hakka people moved aggressively to Taiwan. Those Hakka ancestors reclaimed the land and completely settled themselves down in Taiwan, not only practicing the customs and rituals that they had brought from their original hometown but also absorbing the nutrients from the new soil. A diverse and rich Hakka culture has thus burst out in Taiwan!


Day 4 台中/ 921地震教育園區/ 南投/ 山地特產/ 日月潭風景區-搭船遊湖/ 文武廟/ 嘉義/ 夜市
Taichung/ 921 Earthquake Museum/ Nantou/ Aboriginal Product Shop/ Sun Moon Lake-Taking a boat/ Wenwu Temple/ Chiayi/ Night Market

Hotel: 3.5* 嘉義樂客. 繪日之丘 Chiayi Look ‧ Sun Dialogue     Meal: ( B/ L/ X)



日月潭國家風景區: 位於臺灣南投縣魚池鄉日月村,全潭面積827公頃,湖面周圍約33公里,北半部形如日輪,南半部形如月鉤,故而得名。

文武廟: 位於日月潭山腰上因供奉孔子、岳飛以及關羽而得名。廟宇以金黃色為主,巍峨聳立,氣勢非凡,值得細細欣賞以及品味。

921 Earthquake Museum: At 1:47 AM on September 21, 1999, Taiwan experienced one of its worst natural disasters of the past century - a 7.3-magnitude earthquake that devastated the central part of the island. The 921 earthquake museum of Taiwan located in Wu-Feng County conserved the damage caused by Ji-Ji earthquake such as collapsed school buildings, fault rupture and elevation of riverbank. And thus the museum is a precious teaching material for natural science.

Sun Moon Lake: The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area is praised for its five major recreational systems. Divided by Lalu Island, the Sun Moon Lake scenic area got its name from the unique terrain that looked like a sun on one side and a crescent moon on the other. Crowned as one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan. Sun Moon Lake is also the most famous source of hydroelectric power.

Wenwu Temple: The architecture of the temple has the palace style of northern China. It is a large and imposing structure.The bronze statue of a seated Confucius makes this also the only Confucius temple in Taiwan that contains an image of the sage.


Day 5 嘉義/ 阿里山國家風景區-森林遊樂區.姊妹潭/ 檜意森活村/ 台中/ 夜市
Chiayi/ Alishan National Forest Recreation Area-Sisters Lakes/ Hinoki Village/ Taichung/ Night Market

Hotel: 3.5* 台中香富 ‧ 西悠 Taichung Golden Pacific ‧ CU    Meal: ( B/ L/ X)

阿里山國家風景區:四周高山環列,氣候涼爽,以日出、雲海、晚霞、森林、登山森林鐵路並列為阿里山五奇聞名國際。 而鄒族原住民人文資源更增其觀光魅力。塔山、姊妹潭高山湖泊等自然景觀,也都值得一遊。

檜意森活村: 是臺灣第一座森林文創園區,由原共和路與林森東路區域之林務局宿舍整修而成。園區內包含營林俱樂部。

Alishan National Forest Recreation Area: Alishan itself doesn’t have a peak and it is actually composed of 18 mountains such as Jialun Mountain, Zhu Mountain, and Data Mountain etc. Alishan is famous for five wonders: the railway, forest, cloud sea, sunrise and sunset glow. The climate doesn’t change much through the year, with the average temperature around 10C, and lows of -3 in winter. Cool in summer, it is good place to escape the heat of the lowlands.

Hinoki Village: During the Japanese occupation, Hinokicho is based on Alishan Forestry Development established official quarters. Materials mostly because Ali cypress dominated the entire region just like juniper Kimura, it was therefore called "Hinokicho", which later changed its name to "Hui village."That the north is ​​early Japanese grassroots group staff quarters, while the southern area is the senior levels of official residences.


Day 6 台中/ 國道風光/ 台北/ 維格烘培坊/ 忠烈祠/ 台北101商圈/ 西門町
Taichung/ Highway/ Taipei/ Vigor Kobo/ Martyrs' Shrine/ Taipei 101 Shopping District/ Ximen

Hotel: 3* 桃園智選 或 台北同級 Taoyuan Holiday Inn or Taipei    Meal: ( B/ L/ X)


101 商圈: 1980年代開始進行開發,現已成為臺北首要的中心商業區,台北101、臺北市政府、臺北市議會、臺北世界貿易中心等重要設施皆位於區內,且區內亦匯集眾多百貨商場、旅館、豪宅及企業總部。

西門町: 這裡集合時下年輕人的最愛,包含電影、流行服飾、精品、舶來品、刺青、美食小吃、假日常有街頭藝人表演等,都讓西門町成為最夯的流行新樂園。

Martyrs Shrine: The shrine is dedicated to the 390,000 soldiers killed in the service of their country during the War of Resistance against Japan and the civil war between the Chinese Republican and communist forces. A major attraction at the shrine is the hourly ceremony for the changing of the honor guard in front of the main gate.

Ximen: It is the mecca for youth culture. From tatton street to Wannian Plaza accessory shops, cosplay to street dancing. Pop stars often come here for promotional events on weekends.


Day 7 酒店→ 桃園機場  Hotel → Taoyuan Airport              Meal: ( B/ X/ X)







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